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20Pixels RGBW digital LED strip 12V


1. Hotels ,restaurants, nights clubs, edge light,
2. Living rooms, coffee / wine bars, back lighting, 
3. Recreational machines, playstation, 
4. TV, dancefloor background, shopping malls,

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Product Parameter

    S012060CB4ST     丨    S012060CC4ST
    DC12V                   丨    DC24V
    LED Type    
    SMD 5050 4 in1 RGBW
    LED Quantity     60 leds/m
    RGB+W 2800-3200 K 4000-4500 K 6000-6500 K 9000-13000K
    5000*12 MM
    20 PCS                   丨    10 PCS
    PCB Color     White
    12 W/M                   丨     14W/M
    O.T     -30℃ ~ 45℃


RGBW Digital led strip has 60LEDs per meter
1+1 Ounce copper FPC, 5m per reel, 3M tape is included
White PCB, DC12V; Black PCB, DC24V
Cut-able every 50mm/12V, 100mm/24V
JST SM connector on each side, DC12 /24V constant voltage operation
The CCT of white can be customized as warm white or cool white
Silicon coating, silicon tube housing waterproof

Dimension (unit:mm)

20Pixels RGBW digital LED strip 12V

IP Rate

20Pixels RGBW digital LED strip 12V

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