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DMX-SPI Decoder


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Parameters Settings of decoder:

 Number Model Signal line
2 TM1803 DATA
3 TM1809 DATA
4 TM1812 DATA
5 UCS1903 DATA
6 WS2811 DATA
8 TLS3001 DATA
9 TLS3008 DATA
10 P9813 DATA、CLK

Technical Parameters:

1. Working temperature: -20-60 ℃.
2. Input voltage: DC5-24V.
3. Output: SPI signal (DATA, CLK).
4. External dimension: L175 x W53 x H27(mm).
5. Packing size: L180 x W58 x H55(mm).
6. Net weight: 256.2g.
7. Gross weight: 292.6g.
8. Max output:480W.

Controller External Dimension: 

DMX-SPI Decoder

DMX-SPI Decoder


Interface Specification:

DMX IN: input interface of DMX signal, D+ should be connected with positive of signal, D- connected with negative of signal, Gnd connected with ground.
DMX OUT: output interface of DMX signal, D+ should be connected with positive of signal, D- connected with negative of signal, Gnd connected with ground.
Power and load output adopts the 6PIN green terminal, wiring is as follows:
POWER: input interface of power, V+ should be connected with positive of power, V- connected with negative of power, the range of supply voltage is DC5-24V
OUT PUT: load output interface, V+ should be connected with the positive of light, GND connected with negative, DATA connected with data interface of light, CLK connected with clock interface of light.

Parameters Settings of Decoder:
You can modify the light type that decoder supports through the DIP switch. The decoder can support 10 kinds of SPI strips in market. As follows:

If there are 2 signal lines, then you need to connect the ground wire, clock line, data line with GND、CLK、DATA; if it is 1 signal line, then just need to connect the ground wire, data line with GND、DATA.

Remark: if the V+ voltage of strip is the same with controller input voltage, then it can directly connect with the controller V+; if not, you need to connect another power supply.
Since the specifications of light in the market are different, the sequence of RGB may be different, the sequence of some lights is RGB, some sequence is RBG, GRB and so on, so the  DIP switch provides modification of RGB sequence.
DIP switch is shown as below:
DMX-SPI Decoder
IC type: selection of light type. The accumulation of first four DIP is 1*1+2*0+4*0+8*0=1, lookup the table, you can find it is LPD6803.
LED Sequence: selection of RGB sequence. DIP 5 above is pressed, it indicates that the color sequence of light is RGB. 
Remark: if the accumulation of IC type is more than 10, such as 12, 14, the default is 10, that is P9813; when LED sequence, there are two or more DIP are press, such as 5, 7, 9 are pressed simultaneously, default it will take the largest value 9, that is BRG.
Indicator description: the signal lights up indicates that it detectes button is pressed, the signal is off indicates there is not button pressed.
Buttons can only be used when the controller is not connected with DMX signal, when controller is connected with DMX console, the mode of console is priority, and the buttons will not have any effect. 


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