1. What makes iPixel LED special?

A.iPixel LED focuses on the development of pixel LED lighting.

B. We produce LED lighting with IC to change colors.

C. Our products is world wide and our main markets are Europe, and North America.

D. Our sales and manufacturing team has 10 years experience in the LED field.

2. What is the size of iPixel LED?

Our factory is located in Baoan, Shenzhen with an area for 2100 square meters. We employ 4 electronics engineers, 3 quality control workersand 8 sales representatives.

3. What certificates do you hold?

Our flexible led strips and neon strips are recognized by UL.

95% of our product line is CE and/or RoHS certified.

4. Can you provide OEM or ODM services?

We have experience in OEM and ODM services from multiple customer requests.

5. Does iPixel LED produces everything listed on the website?

We make about 90% of our own products. Some controllers and power supplies are outsourced.

6. What is iPixel LED's lead time?

In stock items:generally 3-7 days after invoices paid.

Custom products may take 8-15 days.

7. Does iPixel LED have references?

A. We are verified by

B. We have many customer references world wide upon request.

C. You may take a video tour of our facilities via Skype ID video chat.

D. Using Skype ID video chat with our salesman to show you our factory,office etc...

8. What about tax and import costs?

Please consult your local customs offices as the regulations vary in different places. Usually you can expect to pay around 25% of the invoice value.

9. How are iPixel salesmen trained?

We train all of our salesmen with product knowledge, LED design, controllers and wiring. We encourage them tolearn overseas knowledge and continue to help them develop communication skills. We always strive to provide a great experience for our customers.

A. Products knowledge about LED, controller, wiring

B. Communication skills 

C. Oversea culture

Whatever bad experience you had in the past, we always believe there are good suppliers with professional salesman working with you, and we believe we are the one you need.

10. Can you help us to design animations?

We have a animation and program designer in company.

We will be happy to do a animation design or program file for you and it will be free.Get in touch for more information.



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Skype: ipixelled

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