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YM-LM501 Parameters:

Size 260*154*45mm The output data signal TTL
Weight 1085g Storage Interface SD card
Color Gray Gray levels 65536
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz Operating Temperature -30~70℃
Power Consumption Maximum 10W Ambient temperature -30~70℃
Output control port 4 port Supporting software LED control software
Maximum control pixels 4*512 Pixel ControllableIC
Single lineTM1804TM1829UCS1903TLS3001TLS3008、、、
Two linesDMX512P9813LPD6803LPD8806SM16716WS2801MBI6021MBI6024MY9221、、、

Product Features:

1. Control: Control online / offline control; 

2. IP address settings: with LCD display, no DIP switch design, all IP and MAC is set to be completed by the key; 

3. Controller with SD card memory, used to store data for offline playback; 

4. Using Fast Ethernet, TCP / IP communication protocol, host connectivity LED controller via standard network cable; 

5. Each controller has four output ports, a single port output control 512 pixels; 

6. The master controller, on-line can be cascaded to 16  sub-controller, 31 units can be cascaded off  of control; 

7. Playback speed: maximum speed of 25 frames / sec; 

8. Grayscale settings: Customers can never light gray under the circumstances to 65,536 (64K) adjust the gray, LED lights let you achieve the best display effect; 

9. Brightness adjustment: 100 automatic brightness adjustment function allows you to adjust the display brightness is more effective; 

10. Power Supply: AC100-230V; 

11. EMC EMC design, with good anti-jamming capability; 

LM501 Key Description:

DMX512 Main Controller

①:LCD Display

②:▲Increase the key: In the modified state (bottom left of the screen displays "+ -" sign) up cycle adjustment data value, otherwise the cycle selection menu with other levels;

③:MENU - Function keys: to enter or exit the menu settings;

④:▼- Reduce the key: In the modified state (bottom left of the screen displays "+ -" sign) down MENU cycle adjustment data value, otherwise choose another menu with circulating levels; 

⑤:CFM - OK button: Select the menu item or data value is determined;

⑥:SD card reader;

⑦:Flag models;

⑧:Power supply AC100-220V;

⑨:Power switch;

⑩:Cable input / output ports;

:FH red light;:TR green indicator light;

:A signal output port, Switching languages 

Chinese: In the main interface, press ▼ button for three seconds or more; 

English: In the main interface, press ▲ button for three seconds or more. ,

LCD screen displays: After power-up, the controller enters normal working condition. LCD displays the main screen. Screen displays the IP address, host (M), MADRIX use to set Subnet and Universe .

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