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We're a lucky team and a lucky Manufacture !

As a Golden Supplier on alibaba , we achieved response rate 100% and average response time less than 24Hours, no bad credit in past 4 years .so we was selected as a Sample edition enterprise to visit Alibaba Group on 22-25th July 2015. 

Durning this trip,we had 6 training class hold by alibaba

Main Courses are the

How to manage a  company and bring talent

How to be a fantastic supplier to serve worldwide customer

Tomorrow will belong to DT (Data technology)

Led industry trend (ourdoor light like decorative pixel LED light)industry trend


our team also visited whole alibaba company, such as Library

Canteen, Gym,Massage room, office...

what's amazing is that you can not find out a feeling that you're working at here

just like home and relaxation,no pressure, most of they employees are really Young 

Jack Ma said this world belong to young people , and we agreed that.

We're on Receiption of Alibaba Group

Both Lady are our salesmanager and the guys from R&D Dept


Training Class Hold by the Customer service Director on alibaba

Everybody using a Mobile Phone to visit our alibaba store to test of what they're looking and how it looks like Via APP
it's really helpful for us to publish useful and important products information

Front Door of Alibaba




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